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1. Goals

In boxing, children are taught how to set goals for themselves. Maybe the trainer is pushing them to decrease their running time, or how to increase strength. Even small goals that can be accomplished feel great. Kids love challenges and they are shown exactly how to overcome them in this sport. Progress is recorded and rewarded with recognition. Your child doesn’t have to win championships and take home trophies to feel good about achieving a tough goal!

2.  Focus

Boxing is a very physically demanding sport that requires focus. Trainers teach fundamental forms and test their mental strength to the max! This can transition over in the classroom and increase academic success. Fitness along with proper nutrition can be a benefit to help with focus too. After just a few weeks of boxing classes, check to see if there are any grade improvements. Children who are consistently physically active maintain better concentration when given challenges.

 3. Self Defense

Learning fighting punches such as jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and crosses can prepare your child to defend themselves if need be. Boxing takes a deep dive into proper techniques and footwork that increases speed and awareness. Trainers ensure kids understand organized fighting and encourage them to only use their skills outside of the ring to defend.

       4. Respect

You may remember popular boxing movies where the opponents have to shake hands before they fight. This a traditional way to show respect throughout all organized sporting events. Boxing can teach children how to respect their peers and authority. Trainers also teach self-respect and encourage kids to carry themselves in a positive manner at all times. Maintaining good sportsmanship is taught early and can be a valuable lesson for kids to take with them throughout life’s journey. Young boxers will develop an understanding of the importance winning and losing gracefully.

5. Builds Confidence

Encouraging young people and constantly giving them positive affirmations can be very healthy. Boxing trainers are committed to pushing them to be better. Simply ensuring a kid that you believe in their ability to be successful can be the exact motivation they need! Winning matches, or coming pretty close to winning against a tough opponent can increase their esteem. Fighting through tough situations builds a strong character and serves as a major boost in confidence.

6. Social Development

Boxing programs include kids meeting new opponents. Although most kids will fight individually, they will also get a chance to meet friends who are apart of the program. Some leagues travel to tournaments which gives kids an opportunity to explore new places. Boxing leagues usually have teams within the same age groups. Your child will have an opportunity to socialize with many other kids from different backgrounds. This type of exposure can promote healthy social development early. Most importantly, kids will get to experience memorable interactions.

7. Educational

Trainers are constantly counting and teaching problem-solving. Kids have the chance to learn about health and fitness through boxing. They will appreciate the importance of nutrition, something that will help them increase a better performance in the ring. Proper fitness form is taught that prevents injuries. Young people can carry these tools with them throughout life and even encourage their peers leading by example

8. A Positive Outlet

Kids need a positive outlet to feel safe in when they’re away from school and home. Signing your child up for boxing can teach physical positivity. Signing up for this sport can be an outlet to release anger. The frustrations brought to class from home can be the makings of a bully’s aggression. Boxing facilities can be a place to put on the gloves and relieve stress

9. Healthy Heart

Our heart is essentially a muscle. Cardio is a great way to keep it strong! Kids love running and releasing that exciting energy and boxing will surely work up a sweat. If your child is struggling with weight, or just needs to be more active, try boxing! This would be a great exercise considering the average youth boxer burns between 1500 and 2000 calories per session like bike machine.

10. Discipline

The most impactful lesson for kids to learn early is self-discipline. This sport requires both mental and physical strength. Kids will experience challenges that are designed to strengthen their characters. They will learn how to follow rules and respect time. Boxing teaches the strict discipline that will change a child’s behavior for the better. Gaining better mental focus and learning this valuable lesson is the greatest benefit of all!

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