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BY C.U.F.F.S. inc.

Age 8-12 years old

Boys and Girls

Registration: 10 Rounds of Fitness Summer Boxing Camp. You will have 4 weeks of learning the Art & Sweet Science of Boxing, meet new friends build confidence, and go on a field trip every Friday. Pool party, bowling, roller skating, and a trip to Myrtle Beach. All for $495.00 hurry to reserve your spot. Maximum 20 kids total. You can begin paying now, all payments must be paid by June 1st in order to claim a spot. Just come to the gym and fill out the registration form. All payments must be in N.L.T.  June 1st to participate. Cost: $495.00 per person.


CELL PHONE: 910-467-7825





We are doing what it takes to keep our children and members safe, we thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon. Coach Simmons

Learn how to box, become an amateur boxer or just have fun getting in shape, while making new friends. This will be a boxing camp in teaching the fundamentals of, art and the sweet science of boxing, there is also team building, self-confidence, and physical fitness.

The training will consist of road work (running/jogging). You will learn how to hit the heavy bag, double end bag, and the speed bag. You will learn how to move in a boxing ring and throw combinations on the hand mitts. You will learn several boxing techniques such as hand and feet coordination drills along with balance. You will also learn to jump rope like a boxer. You MUST learn and recite the boxing philosophy (verbatim) to receive your hand wraps and mouthpiece. Each person will receive the boxing camp tee-shirt; a pair of hand wraps, a mouthpiece and lunch daily. Water and Gatorade will be provided daily. There will also be awards given out during the end of camp ceremony.

Parents: Please bring your son or daughter on time; they should be dressed in shorts and the camp tee shirt every day. Extra shirts will be available for sale at the price of $8.50. Please inform me during the registration if you require extra shirts.

My name is Emanuel Simmons and I am a former professional Boxer from Harlem New York and former Marine Corps boxing coach. Now a retired Marine and Founder of C.U.F.F.S. (Children Under Family & Financial Stress.) inc.

This will be a summer they will not forget, we will be going roller skating, bowling, swimming, and also will be spending a day at Myrtle Beach Family Kingdom. So now is the time, we have limited spots so the sooner you sign up you can rest assure that your son or daughter will begin their summer break off to a great start.

Summer Camp Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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